salmonela pullorum part 2


the newly hatched chicks wich die from the disease may not show any gross lesion, some of them may show haemorrhagic streak on normally yellowish liver of a newly hatched chick. the chick, which die later, may show greyish necrotic spots of 1 to 2 mm size in the liver; rised, white spot on heart (pericarditis) and spleen.
The caeca may have semi sholid, cheesy material (cores) inside. Unabsorbed an cangulated egg-yolk in another important lesion.

For the test:
the wing vein of the bird is punctured and blood is taken on a platinum loop of 3/16 in diam, (about 0.02 ml of blood) one drop of antigen.

which is placed ready on the clean glass-plate is mixed with teh blood in the bacteriological loop.

Both are mixed by rotating the glass-slide for about 2 minutes. in positive cases clumps of antigen will be seen. Te reacrion is graded as below:

++++: Imediate clumping on mixing: large clumps in coloured fluid are seen.
+++: clump are seen within 1 1/2 to 2min. but clumps are large as above.
++: fine clumps in colourless fluid
+: fine clumps in slightly coloured fluid.

The test should not be done at temperature below 23.5c . otherwise it should be done at 37.5 celcius in an incubator.

the test can be done at the poultry farm.

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info ternak on 10 Maret 2010 11.23 mengatakan...

test admin comment :)

salmonela pullorum dalam bahasa indonesia on 10 Maret 2010 11.41 mengatakan...

baca salmonela pullorum dalam bahasa indonesia disini

masterGOmaster on 10 Maret 2010 21.38 mengatakan...

thank you friends information, very useful at all

Coretan sayang on 21 Maret 2010 08.33 mengatakan...

tukeran liks yuk..biar tambah teman

info ternak on 28 Maret 2010 00.18 mengatakan...

coretan sayang;
boleh sob.. kita tukar link, tapi saya untuk sementara belum membuat halaman nya..
tapi saya akan buat secepat mungkin :)

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