Beating Bacteria with organic

USA a mixture of organic acids and plant extracts turn out to be enough to greatly reduce pathogenic bacteria on chicken breast meat.

Food safety consortium researches at the university of arkansas system's division of agriculture found that they could greatly reduce E.coly 0157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes and salmonela typhimurium in chicken breast meat by infusing combinations of organic acids into the meat.

The experiments were also performed with extracts from green tea and grape seeds in combination with the acids.
Malic, citric and tartaric acid appeared most effective againt S. Typhimurium and E.coli o157:H, more than against L. monocytogenes. with irradiation factored in, the result were significant againt all the pathogens.

"We want to determine the least amount of plant extract that we can use and the least amount of irradiation dosage to get the best inhibitory effect," said navam hettiarachchy, a UA food science profesor who supervised the project.
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pengelana_pengembara_ on 27 Desember 2009 06.49 mengatakan...

good, we must can exterminate the bacteria with the organic matter.
The organic matter from the nature provide safety and more clean to reduce bacteria...
thx for the information...

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