Pullorum Disease

Pullorum disease is a worldwide disease of newly hatched chicks. transmitted within egg frim a carrier hen and ussualy causing death in incibator or brooder,


The disease is caused by nommotile salmonella organism, Namely salmonella pullorum, The organism can grow easily on nutrition agar, serum agar beef agar, etc. Yeast Extract added to media help growth, temperature of 37 'C and Ph of 7.0 are favourable for growth on media.


Poltry, turkeys, quails, duck sparrow pigeon can suffer from the disease. Broiler are more susceptible to the disease, It is a disease of newly hatched chicks. The chick die between 2 and 7 day of age. if they have infection during hatching (infected age) and if they get infection after hatching, they show symptoms about 10 days post post infection. up to the age of 3 weeks.


The newly hatched chicks may die without showing any marked symptoms. others show symptoms symptoms similiar to those of paratyphoid, such as huddling near the source of heat, somnolence, loss of appetite anda white diarrhoea. sometimes, the adults may show symptoms similiar to those of fowl typhoid


Infection to chicks comes from the infected egg, laid by carrier hen, In the incubators, the hatched, diseased chick spreads infections to other healty chicks. Infection may enter through water or feed, Contaminated with feaces of a disable chick or also by inhalation of dust having bacteria, rarely through the eyes (conjunctiva) and wounds, there are asymptomatic carriers among aduls bird.

Infected hen may lay up to 34 per cent infected egg. chicks sexing can also spread infection from chicks to another. files can also help in spread of the disease.
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