infectious synovitis

invectious synovitis was discovered for the first time in 1954 in United states of america,

The disease is coused by Mycoplasma Synoviae. A reovirus is also known to cause similiar synovitis.

A combinated infection of myco. synoviae and pasteurella gallinarum has been reported to cause havy mortality in broiler.

the disease is commonly seen in growers of 4-12 weeks age, especially in broiler. In turkey, the disease occurs at 10-20 week of age but in less serve form. The virtal synovitis and arthritis occur more at younger age., i.e.around 2 weeks of age, and less in older age.

Retardation of growth, animea (pale combs) swelling of foot pads or hock joint, are common. sometimes, joints of wings and synovial membrance on keel bone are also affected. Appetite is generally normal and feaces may be sulphur coloured. Sometimes, joints may not be affected. Egg production in hens may drop to 20 or 30%.

Thick, creamy or cheasy material is found in the synovial sac of hock joints, foot pad, on the skull, keel bone and rarely in the air sacs. There is also emaciation and dehidration. Greenish coloureation of liver, mild hydropericardium, enteritis in upper half of intestines are seen in 50 % or less of the disease bird. Spleen may be enlarged.

Age of the affected bird and the lesion help in diagnosis. plate agglutination test with coloured antigent as for M.gallisepticum is done. arthritis can also be caused as sporadic infection by staphylococci, pasteurella and salmonella organisms in which cases stained smear of exudate will help in wxamining their morphology. final dagnosis of mycoplasma synovitis is done by isolating mycoplasma.

Prevention and Control
Almost 100 per cent bird may become infected but all do not show the symptoms. the organisms can also pass in to eggs. treatment and control is almost similiar to that described for M.gallisepticum.
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